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Simple Hacks to Make Google Chrome Better and Faster. Get This And More Here.

  1. Simple Hacks to Make Google Chrome Better and Faster
  2. Students Should Give Recommenders Five to Six Weeks to Write Letter of Recommendations.
  3. One in 10 women “Sexually Assaulted as Children” – First Official Estimate.
  4. @NPSvoices Named One of the Most Innovative Districts in the Country in Utilizing Technology in the Classroom.
  5. How to Manage a Business Partnership Going Through a Tricky Phase.
  6. A Stirring Argument for Gender Equality from Former President Jimmy Carter.
  7. Brilliant and Important Research! Only Children are not ‘Selfish’, Nor are Their Mothers for ‘Depriving’ Them.
  8. Global Citizens Share How Education Changed Their Lives.
  9. 16 Timeless Quotes Sure to Resonate with Every Age.
  10. Want to Go to Business School? You Should Start Preparing to Apply 6 to 9 Months Before Turning in an Application.
  11. Brexit Exposed Deep Rifts in Britain. Universities Can Help Heal Them.
  12. Universities are Tracking Their Students. Is it Clever or Creepy?
  13. Another Fantastic Lesson from The #MEC Combining Technology with Other Hobbies to Facilitate Learning!
  14. Facebook, Google, and Twitter Combat Online Extremism with Targeted Videos
  15. DraftKings & FanDuel are now legal again in New York State.
  16. Inside the Electric Skateboard Company that Would Take Over the World.
  17. Siri’s Got the Answers You Need. You Just Have to Ask Better Questions.
  18. Mobile Phones Blocked by Sussex Bar with a Faraday Cage.
  19. The Strange Case of Marina Joyce and Internet Hysteria.
  20. iRobot Braava Jet is the Best Smart mop $199 Can Buy.
  21. This May Be Our First Good Look at What the New iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro) will Look Like.
  22. Xiaomi’s First Ever VR Headset Comes in Denim, Leopard print, and Van Gogh.
  23. Nucleus is an Alexa-enabled Touchscreen Intercom.
  24. How Hackers Used this Trojan Malware to Spy on a Territorial Dispute.
  25. What You Need to Know About Nintendo’s Wearable Bluetooth Pokeball.

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