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10 Shocking Outcomes of Sen. Aisha’s Recent Visit to Taraba State.

I. Sen. Aisha disregarded constituted authority by not formally communicating the Taraba state government that she was visiting the state on official assignment. This is the first time in the history of the state that such a thing is happening.






II. She came on crutches and so many people were sorry for her condition, praying for her healing and expressing sincere desire that she would be alright soon.







III. Everyone expected her to show sportsmanship, by accepting defeat in good faith, after the just concluded election where she contested with the sitting governor and was defeated twice during elections and twice in court. To most people’s surprise, the reverse seems to be the case.





IV. There was no place in her itinerary to visit the Executive Governor of Taraba state or recognize the government, despite they are the official custodians of the internally displaced persons she officially came to visit.

V. She went ahead to summon the Permanent Secretary of SEMA, asking him to produce the relief materials sent to the agency; which is a breach of Protocol. She should know that he cannot take orders from her, but from his boss, the Executive Governor.




VI. She addressed a press conference, accusing the governor of diverting relief materials meant for the internally displaced; without the minister confirming why the materials were not shared or checking to know the due process the government would follow to enable them properly share the materials.






VII.  In her press release, she accused the governor of disregarding the APC opposition in the state, pointing out two cases where Civil servants were transferred. In reality most people know the governor has been doing his best to carry everyone along. The cases cited was the normal process in civil service.














VIII. The government officials did not receive her at the airport because she did not include them in her program.

IX. Most people feel she is trying to get cheap popularity, when she cited incidences that did not really concern her, while neglecting her own ministerial responsibilities which include keeping mute when two Christian women were murdered in Kano and Abuja, and when serious cases of violence against women and children have been going on.





X. In all her accusations, the Governor has not answered her a word. Instead, all Tarabans know he has been doing his best to carry everyone along.






We wish the Hon. Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development quick recovery, encourage her not to listen to people who will mar her highly elevated office as a Minister in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to bury the past and work with the Executive Governor to move the state forward.

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