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Kogi Varsity Students Face Uncertain Future as Lecturers Stop Work. Get This And More Here.

  1. Kogi varsity students face uncertain future as lecturers stop work
  2. ABU won’t delay thesis completion by postgraduate students
  3. Google Play now has a Family Library for apps, movies, and TV shows
  4. We are delighted to be shortlisted for the RPS “Award for Excellence in Education” with
  5. Find out how to choose and apply for a European study program
  6. Don’t fall for these 5 college scholarship scams
  7. 3 ways that principals can communicate better during their “free” moments:
  8. Don’t miss: Universities must protect PhD’s doing risky fieldwork. Here’s how
  9. Parent involvement in education is one of the biggest predictors of student success:
  10. Toy-maker designs £15 VR headset in deal with Google
  11. Scary new ant species named after equally terrifying Game of Thrones dragons
  12. Say it with us: It’s just a fridge. You don’t need these ridiculous extra features
  13. New Super bug-fighting antibiotic discovered up humans’ noses
  14. Watch an Atlas V rocket launch a secret spy satellite into space at
  15. Researchers just solved one of the big paradoxes about Jupiter’s atmosphere
  16. Google acquires Launch Kit to make life easier for Android developers
  17. A burning Chinese rocket lit up California’s skies last night
  18. This Chrome extension is the quickest way to test your internet speed
  19. Technology explained: What is the internet of things?
  20. Amsterdam is building one of the tallest timber skyscrapers in the world:
  21. Florida governor says mosquitoes are spreading Zika in this Miami neighborhood
  22. The DNC hack is Watergate — but much worse

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