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How Much Do You Know About Pile.


Do you know that Pile, also known as Hemorrhoids are swollen veins and muscles around the anal canal, and lot of people suffering from this ailment ignorantly engage in activities which will aggravate the situation, as they do not know much about it?

It is inline with this that Taravoices correspondent sought audience with a Medical expert, Dr Maiguru Amos Adi of the Kwali Hospital Abuja, to find out more about the symptoms and preventive measures of Pile.

According to Dr. Maiguru, Pile which is known as Basir in Hausa, is described as a short muscular tube with blood vessels that connects the back passage with the anus,stressing that it is capable of crippling an individual’s productivity, and making it difficult for him to sit down as the anal tube comes down with a lot of bleeding.

He explained that though the ailment is very common in this part of the Country,specifically in Taraba, the leading cause has not yet been established, however, he said it is an age related disease because as one grows older the risk of developing Pile is more visible.

The expert identified other risk factors of pile to include: obesity, genetics  and  staying long without passing stool.

On the preventive measures, the Health expert advised people to cut down on intake of processed foods, stating that they contain high sugar level.

He urged individuals to increase consumption of natural foods which reduces the risk of Pile as well as encouraged obese individuals to engage in weight reduction exercises, adding that any person with the symptoms mentioned earlier should report very early to hospitals for proper and timely medication.

Dr Maiguru further noted that the ailment, despite its complicity is manageable and treatable.

The Human body is made up in such a way that it has different parts with their specific functions, and if a single organ malfunctions, the entire system will be affected, the same thing applies to veins and muscular tubes around the anus when affected.

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