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The Answer to Our Education Woes. Get This and More News Headlines Here.

  1. Why Students Should Be Presented with Material 3 times Before They Have to Apply it.
  2. Women Can Be Powerful Agents of Change.
  3. Rewarding Students for Spending More Time on a Topic Could Help in the Development of Grit.
  4. Chicago Teachers Want Their Governor to Know that They Definitely Know how to Read
  5. Ford Brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to all 2017 models.
  6. Here are all the Comic-Con trailers You Missed over the Weekend.
  7. Solar-powered Plane Set to Complete Round-the-world Flight Tonight.
  8. We love Twitter, but #Facebook is where we go Live! See first-hand what’s happening at #IoT events around the globe.
  9. Objective of Consumer-products Industry is Reinventing Customer Experience.
  10. A $60 Smartphone Really Shouldn’t Be this Good.
  11. As the World Changes, One of the Most Valuable Lessons We Can Instil in a Student is the Awareness of How He/She Learns.
  12. A Syrian Refugee Explains What it was like to Recieve a PhD Placement in the UK and get their life back.
  13. Developing Self-motivation Skills for Online Schools is Important. Here’s why.
  14. How to Teach Kids to Manage Money.
  15. Hillary Clinton wants to move away from the ‘education wars’ of the past.
  16. Play your SNES with a wireless controller using this new adapter.
  17. Educating girls is one of the most powerful tools to prevent.
  18. Verizon’s $4.8B Yahoo bid (and earlier bid for AOL) is its best shot at staying relevant.
  19. Apple brings back Bob Mansfield to run its car project.
  20. NYC subway tunnel used by 225,000 people a day will shut down for 18 months.
  21. Focal’s Utopia headphones live up to their four-figure price.
  22. The joy of guilty pleasures: why I’ve played the same broken game for nine years.

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