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We Are on A Roundtable With FG. Says NMA President

Victor Gai, Jalingo.

The President of the Nigeria Medical Association, Prof. Mike Ozovehe Ogirima, has revealed that the Federal Government has shown some signs of sincerity towards  resolving the lingering issues between the Nigerian Medical Association, (NMA) and the Federal Government.

Medical Association President Bihari had in April, 2016, while hosting the leadership of the Nigeria Medical Association, (NMA) said that the National Association of Resident Doctors ‘need not go on strike as all their grievances would be addressed’. The President asked the Doctors to give government more time.

But the President of NMA, in a chat with Journalists in Jalingo stated that , ‘we have come to the roundtable and we are discussing, both the doctors and members of the health team; all of us are joined together. And the government is showing some signs of sincerity and some signs of commitment to agreement being reached with the professionals in the health sector. It is a good development’.

The NMA President who was in Taraba on an official assignment warned  fake doctors  who are posing as medical doctors to desist from such as they could face sanctions from relevant authorities.

‘The Council is there to discipline them and the disciplinary action can range from withdrawal of certificate of practice to the extent of jailing any culprit. It is unfortunate that some people call themselves doctors in the society; as I call them quacks because they are not licensed and whatever they are doing that is not to the glory of God is counter productive and negative to the society’.

He advised practitioners to put the patient first before any other consideration and avoid rancour and crises that would affect the realization of the the overall objective of the association.

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