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Pneumonia, Not Caused by Cold – Dr. Danga.

1168123-580x387Dr. Danga Njuweh Danga of the Government House Clinic has debunked the insinuation that pneumonia is caused by cold weather condition, stressing that pneumonia as a health condition becomes severe during extreme cold weather condition.


Dr. Danga made this assertion in a chat with our taravoices correspondent in Jalingo where he spoke on the predisposing factors of pneumonia.


According to him symptoms of the disease are protracted cough, fever accompanied by shivering, difficulty in breathing, acute chest pain, while in the elderly restiveness may be the most prominent sign.

The medical practitioner identified the causative agents of the infection to include cigarette smoking, poor hand washing culture, sleeping in crowded room and malnutrition.


He further explained that, pneumonia usually manifest when an individual inhales the germs that causes the infection into his lungs, which in turn makes it difficult for the lungs to function effectively.

He however cautioned the public to always ensure good personal and environmental hygiene, proper nutrition for the children and the elderly and avoid smoking.


He then called on the public to always report any suspected cases to the nearest health facility for prompt medical attention, rather than resorting to traditional treatments which he said mostly worsens the situation.


Pneumonia is an acute infection of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites and is one of the leading cause of death in children below the age of five worldwide.


According to Medical Experts, poor hygienic condition, age, social lifestyle and chronic health challenge are some of the major predisposing factors of pneumonia.

World Health Organisation’s report shows that pneumonia affects approximately four hundred and fifty million people globally and results in about four million deaths annually.

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