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Ed-El-Fitri Celebrations : Governor Ishaku Felicitates with Muslim Faithfuls

Broadcast by Gov. Governor Ishaku.

Fellow citizens of Taraba state, I felicitate with you all, especially our citizens of the Islamic faith, on this blessed occasion of the 2016 Ed-El-Fitri celebrations.

DAriusI applaud all of you who in the last period of about one month have humbly and obediently, with all sense of reverence to God, completed the Ramadan fast in keeping with the injunction of your faith.

I am optimistic that the lessons of Ramadan fast, which dwells on self denial, sacrifice, and being your brother’s keeper, will continue in the months ahead as we face the issues that confront us in our daily lives.

If there is a time that Taraba state citizens need to demonstrate self denial, sacrifice, and being our brothers keeper, that time is now. That time is now because these attributes are the bedrock of unity; that time is now because these attributes dispel selfishness and nepotism; that time is now because these attributes ensure community policing and a sense of togetherness that rebuffs infiltration by unscrupulous elements into our state.

Once we demonstrate self-denial, sacrifice, and being our brother’s keepers, the peace that we desire to ensure an environment conducive for sustainable growth and development shall prevail.

It is obvious our division has rendered our communities vulnerable to security, to direct attacks by invaders, and to multitudes of social vices such as kidnapping, arson and robbery.

It is also obvious that the national financial crisis, coupled with the debt burden, have slowed our effort for growth and development outlined in the RESCUE AGENDA. However, once we have unity of purpose we can overcome these challenges speedily.

I am not unmindful of the untold hardship that the citizens of Taraba state are subjected to on account of the dwindling National oil revenues triggered by the downward spiral of the global oil prices.

This administration is doing everything possible to ensure that the source of livelihood of our citizens, which hinges on salary, accessing farm inputs, accessing markets and other towns without hindrances and threat to security, are pursued vigorously.

I am conscious of the high expectations of the citizens that made uncommon sacrifices during the last elections to install this administration in power.

Consequently, as the leader of the RESCUE TEAM, I have a duty to ensure that we fulfill our campaign promises, but in order to do that, I need your unreserved support, understanding and patience.

It is for these reasons that I will continually urge you to GIVE ME PEACE AND I WILL GIVE YOU DEVELOPMENT. Without peace, there cannot be speedy growth or sustenable development.

Finally, as you celebrate today, I urge you to reflect deeply on the tenets of Ramadan fast and be vigilant.

May Almighty God continue to guide us and bless Taraba state.
I wish you happy Eid-El-Fitr celebrations.

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