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Life Threatening Cases in Taraba: What to Do When There is No Money, No Doctor and No Hope

emergencyMany people don’t know what to do when they or their loved ones are faced with life threatening health situations, especially when they have no money, no doctor and no hope. You’re about to discover five people who were facing severe health conditions, but they each discovered a little trick that solved the problem within minutes, and saved their lives.

You all know that anyone with sickle cell disease, chronic diabetes with leg ulcer, advanced tetanus, presumed dead new born baby and a small baby with abnormal symptoms are severe life threatening cases that could snuff life within minutes right?

As you read about what happened to each of them, you will immediately learn what they did and how to solve your problems when in a similar condition.

Sickle Cell Disease

A 16 year old girl along Abuja Phase 2 ward in Jalingo woke the whole family up with severe screams at exactly 12 midnight that her hands, legs, back and waist were extremely painful. The pain was so severe that she wished to die to get some relief as she could no longer bear the pain.

The family members did all they could, including bathing her with cold water and exposing her to fan to help her get some relief. Nothing seemed to work.

After watching helplessly for about 30 minutes and almost losing hope, the mother took up her IPad and googled “managing sickle cell crises”. She quickly read through the results and discovered that they needed to keep her warm, give her a lot of water to drink and pain reliever.

As soon as these were done, she calmed down within 10 minutes and slept off. By morning, she was rushed to hospital and properly treated until she fully recovered.

Chronic Diabetes with Leg Ulcer

A man of 52 years who had been diabetic for 9 years discovered a wound on his right leg. Thinking it could be treated as any other wound, he kept on managing the wound at home. After a week, the wound tripled in size instead of getting better. At the hospital he was placed on drugs and asked to be reporting to hospital daily for the wound to be dressed. He kept going for the next 10 days. Instead of getting better, the wound kept getting worse.

The doctor told him they may have to amputate the leg if it continues and gets infected. On hearing this, he stopped going to the hospital and decided to google his condition. He googled “how to treat diabetic leg ulcer”. The results revealed that treating diabetic leg wound with hydrogen peroxide and other solutions he was using were obsolete.

He should control his blood sugar first, then use saline water to clean the wound, gauze bandage and penicillin ointment. He swung into action immediately. Within 24 hours, he noticed the face of the wound improved. After one week, the wound greatly improved. By the end of the second week, the wound was completely healed.

Advanced Tetanus Case

A middle aged man was rushed to hospital because of advanced tetanus. His case was so bad that they were expecting him to give up at any minute. After the doctor saw him, he prescribed drugs and asked the nurses to admit him. After some minutes, he started convulsing.

His family members were crying hysterically. The two nurses on duty decided to go online to check. They googled “how to manage a convulsive tetanus patient”. After going through the results they discovered that he should be kept alone in a dark room without any noise and other solutions.

They chased family members out and prepared a dark room for him, leaving him alone. By morning, he was much better.

A Twin Baby Presumed to be dead

A woman gave birth to twin babies. One of the twins was presumed dead so he was left with the mother while the other one was taken to the nursery. As the nurse took the living baby away, the mother took her phone and googled “how to care for a newly born lifeless baby”.

She discovered that she would have to keep the presumed dead baby close to her body for a few minutes. She quickly sent for her husband and asked him to sleep close to the baby while she did the same.

After some minutes the baby started breathing. By the time the nurse returned the baby was breathing. Now (2016) the boy and his brother are five years old.

A Small Baby with Abnormal Symptoms

A new mother had a few months old baby. She discovered that the baby ate a lot and stooled a lot. Her neighbours told her it was “Jedi Jedi”. Apart from that, she discovered that the boy runs temperature with catarrh from time to time.

However, he was generally fine apart from these 3 symptoms. She picked up her phone and googled “stooling baby with temperature and catarrh”. She learned that if the temperature was inconsistent and the baby was eating as he should, the baby was fine. But if the symptoms increased and persisted, the baby should be taken to the hospital.

After going through other easy-to-follow instructions on how to care for the baby, he got better. If not for google, she would have either taken the baby to hospital or loaded him with drugs.

In conclusion, we don’t advise you to throw away your doctor’s prescriptions or stop visiting your doctor. There’s a whole lot you can google to know about your health condition so you can help yourself in emergency situations and probably save life, save money and avoid complications or even death.

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