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Rise In Cost of Rice Blamed on Ban on Importation

The unprecedented increase in the price of rice has been attributed to the policy of the Federal Government which banned importation of the commodity.

RiceThough the policy is aimed at improving local production but many people interviewed in Jalingo the state capital by Taravoices correspondent, called for gradual lifting of the ban for the common man to afford it in the market.

Rice is a food that is commonly consume by most of people in Nigeria.

Speaking to Taravoices reporter on the ban, some farmers and traders in Jalingo the state capital said the Federal Government took the action without adequate preparation for the implementation of the policy.

The residents appealed to the authorities to do everything humanly possible to provide farmers with farm imputs and fertilizers to support dry and rainy seasons rice farming.

They also called on the government of Mohammadu Buhari to offer them loans to improve their farms to ensure bumper harvest.
Those interviewed disclosed that the ban on importation of rice into the country will continue to create more hardship for the citizenry.

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