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14 Implications of Improper Sharing of Resources

sharing of resources
sharing of resources

Sharing of Resources, that is, to distribute things according to a prescribed plan can either cause problems or promote peace and unity. If a selected sharing formula is faulty, it may lead to misunderstanding, distrust and dent on the image of government or any organization concerned, especially if the sharing plan is not transparent, fair and clearly understood by all. Some of the implications of unfair sharing of resources include:

  1. Lack of trust in government’s capabilities which is very difficult to reverse.
  2. It portrays the government as being incapable of tackling crucial issues that bother on the welfare of citizens.
  3. It could lead to rebellion against government policies and programs.
  4. It promotes eyeservice.
  5. Opens room for unfair criticism from opposition parties.
  6. Encourages more immoral behaviours within the three tiers of the Government.
  7. Stifles development within the state.
  8. Encourages nonchalant attitude to work amongst Civil Servants.
  9. Deprives average citizens of full benefits of their resources.
  10. It can have adverse negative impacts on the macroeconomic performance of the State in the short or long run.
  11. Waste of resources.
  12. Curtails opportunities for aspiring citizens who can contribute immensely to the development of the State.
  13. It marginalises certain groups in the State.
  14. It indicates government’s inconsistency in making and sustaining policy decisions.

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