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Importance of Flying the Nigerian Flag

National flagThe Nigerian Flag remains a symbol of national pride and identity.

It is however disturbing that most organisations and institutions in the state capital do not attach any significance to the flag as they seem not to be observing the appropriate usage of the national flag.

Taravoices correspondent went round town and reports that many of the Government institutions and private organisation’s inability to hoist the flag appropriately is an indication of the less importance attached to this important national symbol.

The Nigerian Flag was designed by Pa Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi in 1959. The flag is a vertical bicolor of green and white.

The two green stripes represent Nigeria’s natural wealth while the white band represents peace.
Most of the ministry’s in the state capital reveals that while some hoist the flag, others do not have the flag only the stand.

The state Director Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Amos Made said the flag is a symbol if unity hence every ministry must see the need to hang and fly the flag.
He said whenever the flag in their premises is faulty they always have new ones to replace.
Responding on the issues of availability of the Nigerian Flag to various Ministries, the state Director National Orientation Agency Dr Robert Gulkawi said any ministry that needs the Nigerian Flag should come to the National Orientation Agency’s office and make payment before acquiring the flag from the headquarters in Abuja.
He urged the public especially ministries and agencies to use the flag, as it stands as the country’s pride.

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