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Gully Erosion in Taraba : An Environmental Problem to Socio-Economic Dvelopment

Gully Erosion in Taraba is an environmental problem that will affect the socio-economic situation of the state, increase poverty and cause substantial damages to construction sites like bridges, roads and settlements.

gully erosionThe Director of Taraba Environmental and Protection Agency (TEPA); Mr Julius Ibutu stated this in Jalingo, while calling on Tarabans to take precautionary measures and join hands with the state government in fighting the menace of soil erosion as the rainy season is fast approaching.

Mr Ibutu defined Soil Erosion as the washing or blowing away of the top layer of soil and Gully Erosion is the removal of top soil along drainage lines by surface water runoff.

Speaking with our reporter, the Director said Gully Erosion causes several damage to agricultural lands, which leads to soil loss, increase in surface runoff, lower soil water holding capacity, lower quality and quantity of water and lower agricultural production.

Stressing that poor ground cover due to clearing high stocking rates, repeated cultivation, intense rainfall and unstable soils in drainage line.

The Director pointed out that, the only way forward in tackling gully erosion are as follows.

  1. Avoid burning bush and cultivate the habit of planting trees, shrubs and grasses.
  2. Rounding edges, heavy fertilizer applications and revegetation of bare areas have also been successful techniques .

Director TEPA added that gully erosion increased rates of erosion where more subsoil material is expose.

The damage to underground utilities such as communication cables, pipes and power cables.
He maintained that all this can not be successful without members of the public putting hands on deck to tackle the problem.

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