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Taraba State Gov. Declares 11th February as Thanksgiving Day to God

Taraba state Governor, Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku has appreciated the Christian community in the state for firmly standing by him during the periods of elections and court cases.

Gov Darius TarabaGovernor Darius Ishaku said this today at the International Praise Church Jalingo during the thanksgiving service of the Church hence the need to further solicit for more prayers so that his Rescue Agenda will impart on the people of the state positively.

The Governor who stated that the first project he commissioned as the Governor of state in Gembu reignited his desire to do his best for the people of the state, described that day of the commissioning as the happiest day in his life, seeing men and women visibly expressing their genuine gratitude and with optimum happiness.

He maintained that the Tunga Hydroelectric power project is now touching lives in Sardauna explaining that, apart from declaring the first profit since the company was established, some of the bye products of the tea company would now be used as poultry feeds. He added that poultry farming would soon commence in Sardauna Local Government Area.

Governor Darius Ishaku told the Christian congregation that his emergence as the Governor of Taraba state was divinely ordained by God and equally nourished him with confidence, having successfully passed through two elections and three court cases.

He mentioned that his rescue mission has been able to touch areas which included improved power supply to the state, water expansion, overhauling of the tea company and the connection of a town to National Grid and the expansion of rural electrification projects among others.

The state Governor also informed the congregation that very soon Taraba state would start exporting vegetables to other parts of the country stressing that the Israeli company contracted has already commenced work.

Gov. Darius Ishaku then charged the Christian community that he needs their prayers ceaselessly because the enormity of work before him needs prayers so that God would give the right spirit of positive discernment so that at the end all Tarabans irrespective their religion, ethnicity or any form of affiliation would be happy, stressing that better days are ahead.

Governor Ishaku maintained that the eleventh of every February would be dedicated to thanking God for the next three years as a mark of thanking God for the supreme victory God gave to him at the Supreme Court and task all to always pray and fast for the success of his administration in the remaining three years. He stressed that every of his action has been subjected to lots of criticism but expressed confidence that with their support and prayers God will see him through.

In his sermon during the thanksgiving service, the resident Pastor, Reverend Godwin Gasoni admonished Christians to always pray so that God in his own way will always come to their rescue, emphasizing that there is no weapon that its power could be comparable to that of prayers.

The cleric who quoted second Chronicles 20:1-26 likened the conspiracy against Governor Darius Ishaku to that of Jehoshaphat in the Holy Bible when three kings ganged up against him but when he sought God’s divine counsel God gave him victory over them.

Rev. Gasoni commended the Christian family in the state for standing solidly behind one of their own with prayers and fasting and asserted that the unity exhibited is in conformity with popular saying that, ”united we stand divided we fall.” He further stressed that the victory has no religious, tribal or any form of colouration but a victory of all the entire people of the state.

The Pastor was optimistic that Governor Darius Ishaku would work assiduously for progress and development of the state and encouraged the congregation to accord him the desired support.

He averred that the economic crisis the country is facing at the moment is temporal, positing that when there was conspiracy against the people of Judea they turned to God for solution and challenged Christians to pray fervently for God to intervene in this difficult season.

Pastor Gasoni said today is a thanksgiving Sunday and the sole purpose is to show gratitude to God for what he has done in their lives and added that the victory of Governor should be committed to prayers, fasting and thanksgiving for the next three years as a mark of gratitude and appreciation for what he has done to the state.

The climax of the thanksgiving service was prayers for the Governor and members of his Executive Council as well as rendition songs by groups in the church.

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