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Detractors Advised to Stay Clear of DDI Rescue Mission House, Jalingo

The women leader, DDI rescue mission house, Deborah Stephen,has advised detractors to stay clear the mission house.

Taraba Map Mrs Deborah  revealed this while speaking with Taravoices at the Rescue House, She decried the level at which people seek political relevance through the means of blackmail.

Mrs Deborah  in her disclosure,  hinted Taravoices  on the recent complaints by some women about her leadership style. She opined however , that she is undeterred by mere fallacies  and malicious statements  to succumb her to  their selfish interest and not  the general interest of the Rescue Team.  

Deborah Stephen said the house is a rallying point and appreciated the continuous support accorded her by women in Taraba state.She. promised the women her unflinching support to better their lives

She has served the house with prudence to the best of her ability with instructions from her superiors and sees no cause for the hullabaloo.

The government has achieved a lot in the areas of providing water, road construction and empowerment of the rural poor despite some challenges like the legal imbroglio, lean resources insecurity in some parts of  the state. Hence the need for all Tarabans irrespective of religion, tribe or political affiliations to give the governor total support to succeed.

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