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Taraba Voices on the Street on Governor Darius Ishaku’s Rescue Agenda

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” – Rosalynn Carter.

It is for this reason that “Taraba Voices on the Street” section of seeks to feel the pulse of Tarabans by listening to their comments concerning developments within the State as well as  how well they think the Governor is achieving his rescue agenda.

Obadiah Ezekiel, a student remarks that Governor Darius did well for us because we never thought it would be like this. When you look at the street lights at night it’s like a foreign country.

Taraba voicesWhen asked about what kind of development he would like to see in his community, he stressed that he would like the government to engage the education sector as well as address the issue of youth unemployment.

Haske Maganin Duhu, is a truck pusher and he sells water to earn a living. Though an indigene of Jigawa State, Haske has spent all his life in Jalingo. He commended the Government’s initiative at providing portable water for some areas in the State however, he expressed his desire to see that the development extends to other areas in the State. He also expressed delight at the lighting up of the streets with the solar powered lights as it will curb  security threats as being perpetrated under the shadow of the dark.

Ismail Ahmad lamented thus “Do you know that local government staff as well as local education staff have not been paid for the past three months? What is the justification for such acts? Is this part of the rescue mission promised by this administration?”

Thanks to this platform which will create the avenue for Government to feel the pulse of its citizens in order to take them to where they ought to be finally.

These are all voices from concerned, honest and hardworking citizens, these are all voices on the streets of Taraba.

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