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Level of Patronage Depends on Seasons – Jalingo Airport Manager

The level at which passengers travel through the Jalingo Airport is reduced to seasons and occasions.

This was revealed by the Jalingo Airport Manager, Mr Joshua Dauda, when sought to know the status of operations at the airport since it commenced services on 7th December, 2015 .  

Jalingo airport Operational days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, to Abuja. According to the Manager, the airport usually receives customers the more during occasions or seasons like Christmas, Sallah and the Christian festival of Easter which is approaching .

He said the only challenge they are facing was  the bureaucratic bottleneck it was  facing from the ministry supervising the airport which he said was slowing down efficiency.

He however called on Tarabans to patronize the airport as it was the best way to travel. When Taravoices sought the reaction of Tarabans on the issue of travelling by air through the airport, it was all mixed reactions.

According to Joseph Gimba, a Jalingo based civil society activist, the cost of travelling through Jalingo airport was high.   

He said,  ‘it is better i go to Yola and board Arik where return ticket is N26,000. So, Yola would have been much better’. He added that he would prefer to travel to Abuja by road from Jalingo than through air.

For Mrs Afodia, of the Taraba state Polytechnic, she would rather travel by road to save cost. ‘if somebody wants to give me money to travel by air to Abuja, I rather go by road and keep the N25,000.’

She also hinted that the distance from the airport in Abuja to the city also makes it unattractive. However, for Demba Daniel, Branch Manager of Techno Vibes Limited, Jalingo, who travels a lot to meet up with business in Abuja, flight was the best option even though he said the price was a little high.   

  I would prefer flight instead of road, because flight is less time consuming and it affords you the opportunity of doing whatever you want to do in Abuja and back’.  
Meanwhile, the general view is that the current fare of N24,000 offered by Overland Airline, who is operating as a monopoly, might reduce it was faced with competition from other service providers who might offer services in the near future .   

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