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Taraba Security, Matters Arising.

Taraba securityFollowing recent security happenings in the State in regards to the spate of unprecedented killings and kidnappings threatening the peaceful coexistence of citizens, Taraba Voices has decided to feel the pulse of the people concerning the issue.

The public are therefore encouraged to speak out objectively and sincerely, through the following questionnaires:     

  1. Where is your Locality?
  2.  How secure is your locality?
  3. What are the security threats people in your area

are faced with?

4. What makes escalated killings  and kidnappings  rampant?

5  Has there been any security measures taken by the Government to

  safeguard lives of citizens and properties in your localities?         

6.  What roles are your Local Chiefs doing in forestalling/promoting mischievous acts in your  locality.       

7.    What measures can you suggest to be taken in order to curb this challenges.      


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