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Secret of Salary Diversion Revealed!

A Computer Engineer narrates the story of how 67 Civil Servants’ salaries was restored after 11 Months of Non-payment .

Money He normally performs routine computer maintenance for individuals and organizations. One day, his job found him in the Accountant General’s office of a certain state. Before he starts work, he  normally backed up important files of his clients’ computers before the maintenance. He has never forgotten this very important step.

On this faithful day he forgot to backup the information on the client’s computer who works at the Accountant General’s office.

After he finished the maintenance, the computer owner asked for his files. He quickly reached out to his external hard drive to check. He suddenly realized that he did not backup the files. Oh! my God, the computer owner screamed.

What happened next

You have just deprived me of 67 people’s  salaries. He did not even know when he rapped out that he had been collecting the salaries of 67 civil servants for the past 11 months.

Before the money goes to the bank, he normally effects changes on his computer for the 67 people’s salaries.

“You have killed me”, he moaned. “My plans for this month is shattered”,he exclaimed.

The computer engineer was very happy that he saved 67 families. The question we asked him was, did these 67 people not know how to channel the non-payment of their salaries?

Why should the system of salary payment in that organization give room for such manipulations?

Does that mean some workers are working  against the ethics of their Jobs and mandate given to them by the organisation?


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