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Governor DDI Should Tackle Non-availability of Fertilizers in Taraba State

By Maigoro Danlami.

The high cost of food stuff is of great concern to the people of the state. Taraba state is well  known for food production especially Maize.

Fertilizers in Taraba StateThe state is one of the major sources of maize supply to almost all the states of the federation. The crop yield however, was very poor last year and this resulted to low production.

There were several factors that caused the low production of this essential crop commodity ranging from:

  1. Insufficient rainfall,
  2. Incessant attacks by fulani herdsmen and
  3. The non-availability and insufficient fertilizer.

Last year, due to change in leadership, farmers did not get subsidized federal government fertilizer as they have been used to in other years. This did not favour farmers at all. This is one of the major contributor to the high cost of food stuff this year. This has been unbearable for many.

It is so alarming that a bag of maize that used to be between N3000 to N4000 now sells for between N6000 to N7000.

Farmers in the state however are very optimistic and filled with expectation that the rescue captain who is really transforming the state will come to their rescue by making fertilizer available on time and at cheaper rate.

If urgent steps are not taken in buying the fertilizer immediately, the product may be too late for farmers in Karim, Gashaka and Sardauna Local Government Areas.

This is because their rainy season has started and farming has commenced.

The best investment DDI’s administration can do at this point in order to stop the impending hunger is to purchase fertilizers and give to farmers at subsidized price.

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