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World Bank Unfolds $2.1bn Fund To Rebuild Nigeria’s North East

The world bank has unfolded a $2.1b package to be spent on rebuilding the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, devastated by Boko Haram insurgency.

The world bank will spend 2.1 billion dollars through its IDA (International Development Agency), which gives low interest rate loans to governments. The first ten years will be interest free, while an additional 30 years will be at lower than capital market rate.

President Buhari said besides rebuilding the region in terms of infrastructure, priority must also be given to the resettlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Taraba State being one of the States in North-Eastern Nigeria has also had a fair share of the insurgency. In the past we had some bomb blasts in the State capital.

A Boko haram kingpin Kabiru Sokoto was reportedly captured in Gassol local government Area of the State.

The Southern part and some parts of central Taraba have before the current administration, experienced incessant insurgency attacks. A Lot of people have been displaced from their communities and they now take refuge in IDPs camps, relatives homes, churches, and even neighboring Benue State as internally displaced persons (IDPs).

imagesTaraba State has also had and have continued to play host to lots  of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Adamawa, Yobe and Borno States. These internally displaced persons (IDPs) in various IDP camps, relatives homes or churches over stretched the meagre  infrastructural facilities in the state.

The state government has to struggle with Meager resources to provide health care, education, security, food, shelter etc facilities to these IDPs that troop into the State daily for safety. The Taraba state government therefore stands a better chance to benefit from the 2.1 billion dollars funds from the World Bank.

In peace studies and in fighting insurgency, there are three basic layers to tackle to ensure lasting peace as follows:

  1. The factors that breed insurgency i.e socio-economic factors
  2. The sponsors of insurgency and
  3. The real insurgents in the field.

In the instant case, the state government has to access the world Bank funds to take care of the IDPs in the state and particularly tackle item ‘A’ above which has to do with the socio-economic factors by actively engaging the youths economically as the popular saying goes ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’’. Studies have shown that in crisis situation, the youths are always the ones found in the battle field.

Some of the youths that have been brain washed by terrorists in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States was as a result of the fact that majority of these youths were idle and not economically engaged.

Taraba State is blessed with abundant arable land, such that,with little funding and support lots  of our youths and IDPs can be gainfully employed.

Taraba State is truly nature’s gift to the Nation.

   Nierus Johnson ESQ.

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