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BREAKING NEWS…Re-Run Election Results Declared at Mbamnga & Gembu Headquarters

downloadThis is to bring to your attention results of the re-run election as posted by someone who has been in touch with key personnel at the collating headquarters at Gembu and Mbamnga.  Official results by INEC will be declared soon. 

The results declared at the Mbamnga constituency headquarters for Rt. Hon. Abel Diah and Gembu Federal Constituency headquarters for Gashaka-KURMI-Sardauna for Hon. DC Hosea are stated below:

Abel Diah of PDP scored 7825 votes while Mr. Bongo of APC scored 5642. The difference between them is 2183.

Hon. DC Hosea of PDP scored 37645 while APC scored 37609
The difference between them is 36. 

  • Congratulations PDP.
  • Congratulations Mbamnga constituency,
  • Congratulations Sardauna-Gashaka-Kurmi Constituency
  • Congratulations Rt Hon. Abel Peter Diah
  • Congratulations Hon. DC Hosea.

The re-run election was held yesterday 19th February 2016, at some affected polling units in Mbamnga and Gashaka-Kurmi-Sardauna constituencies. Both parties prepared and contested very hard. It all started when APC candidates took the PDP candidates to court, disputing their victory.

The re-run election results proves that the affected areas made their correct choices from the onset.

So far there has not been reports of violence, ballot box snatching or any form of cheating. Things went orderly and observers from both parties were there to observe irregularities.

It is becoming obvious that our elections are becoming more free and fair. We hope this trend will be maintained in the coming elections. Once again, we wish the Victors happy ruling and pray the opponents will accept defeat in the spirit of sportsmanship.

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