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The Day Taraba Stood Still: A Day Tarabans Will Never Forget in a Jiffy

gov-attireSome people said it was a waste of state resources to welcome the governor, others felt declaring a public holiday was a total waste of human resources; still others felt celebrating the governor’s return may cause security problems, and so forth. But Tarabans have so many reasons why they wanted to celebrate the governor’s return, and they did it so well that Taraba literally stood still.

Some of the reasons why Tarabans celebrated the Governor’s return are:

Votes: Most people wanted their votes to count. Those who voted Gov. Darius felt he must be the one to rule them. Period.

Mandate: Everyone knew that Sen. Aisha did not win the election. If she won the Supreme Court case after winning just 5 Local Governments out of 16, then it amounts to outright stealing of the people’s mandate.

Personal reasons: Some people had private businesses, private plans and private projects that they felt would only thrive if Gov. Darius is in power. The extended court cases made them to put all these on hold. The delay has also affected them financially. Now they can continue from where they stopped after several months.

Political offices: Over 500 political offices would have been completely overhauled if Gov. Darius did not win. These office holders, their families and extended families would have all been affected had Gov. Darius not returned to government house.

Campaign promises: Tarabans have been enjoying more steady light, better roads, pipe borne water, ongoing projects and several other services that are at the budding stage. All these would have stopped or unnecessarily delayed without the governor.

Religious: Christians felt Gov. Darius legally won and should be allowed to rule. If the mandate was given to a Muslim who did not win, they would have felt cheated. If the muslim had won, then the Christians should have been more comfortable with the case.

Prayers and fasting: Individuals and groups have been organizing all kinds of prayer sessions for justice to be done. They felt their prayers have been answered and they must celebrate in style.

Distraction: Since the inception of this government on May 29th, 2015, the court case has  been a major distraction that hindered the governor from fully concentrating on the development of the state. Instead of focusing on issues concerning the upliftment of the state, the governor was busy with court cases.

With this whole issue put to rest, it is in order to celebrate in grand style as the government can now concentrate on why it is instituted without further distraction. Tarabans are happy that it is finally over.

How the Day Went

Elites:  The Deputy Governor, Haruna Manu, The PDP Chairman, Elder statesmen, Commissioners, The SSG and all the elites of the state were out to welcome the Governor and his wife, Her Excellency, Barr. Anna Ishaku.

Security agents: Security agents were deployed all over the place. Airport, the major roads and stadium.

Dances: Various traditional and  modern dance steps were displayed everywhere. Major streets saw different dance steps from popular musicians.

Work and School free day: Workers and students all over the state had a day off to enable them celebrate the return of their governor. People were seen jumping and jubilating while some families prepared delicacies to celebrate the victory of the season. Tarabans were allowed to rejoice and dance their hearts out. It was a day people will never forget.

Special attires: Many people wore various attires, traditional and special outfit just to grace the day.

The Governor’s response:

Governor Darius thanked the people for the massive outing, love shown him and support. He promised to fulfill all his campaign promises and prayed that God should bless the state and give him the grace to govern the state as he is supposed to.


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