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Why Tarabans Should Separate Religion from Politics

It is increasingly becoming clear that Tarabans are divided along religious lines. Most Christians are supporting their candidate while most Muslims are supporting their own candidate. This was not so in the past. Keep reading to discover reasons why we should separate religion from politics. This will not only show us how it all started, but we will know why we should tolerate one another and how religion is separate and independent from politics.

We Are No Longer in the Past

Politics vs ReligionPolitical arguments based on religion, like we see on the Internet can lead to riots like those seen in Donga, kurmi, Sardauna etc.  Including religion in Politics is a way to instability, backwardness and degradation.
Religion and politics are activities that occur in spheres of everyday lives. Long time ago, in many countries, religion used to control the government. In some middle east countries, religion and politics are merged together and religion is controlling governance. We should understand that we are not living in such countries and should not copy them.

When our forefathers came to this country, they understood the value of serving God, and they also understood the danger of religious persecution. They separated government from religion for that reason.

In the Western world, which we copy in politics,  the experience of the Middle Ages and the teachings of “free-thinkers” like Rousseau gave birth to the phenomenon of secularism.

A true secularism seeks to keep the state/country independent of religious influence. Individual has the right to practice their own religion while the state will not be swayed and/or swindled by religious motives or ideologies. Having lived through the detrimental effects of mixing religion with politics, the West has let religion and politics operate separately.

There Should be Tolerance

 Tarabans should tolerate one another. We share basic amenities that bring us together in our everyday lives. Things like roads, hospitals, schools, water, farm lands, market and a host of other things. if we don’t tolerate one another, how do we relate eye to eye? As human beings lack tolerance for one another, the controversy between religion and politics increases. However, the need for tolerance cannot be over emphasized because of the following;

  1. We inter-marry irrespective of our religions, tribes, beliefs of party differences.
  2. The same political laws control all of us.
  3. We are all being governed by the same democratically elected persons from top to bottom.
  4. The same law of nature happens to us all such as birth, death, after- death e.t.c.

We must vehemently reject every attempt by politicians to divide Taraba state. Religion and politics must be kept separate. Religion is meant to unite people with similar beliefs into a “moral community”, e.g. Muslims, Christians etc., while politics is meant to unite all people of a state into a single community regardless of ethnicity, personal beliefs and practice.

Religion is Different from Politics

With due respect to other forms of religion, Taraba state is practically divided across the two main religions which are Christianity and Islam. Notwithstanding, there are various variables that differentiate religion from politics. Some of these variables are highlighted below;

  1. Religion is private, politics is public.
  2. Religion is personal, politics is for everyone.
  3. Religion is a matter which lies solely between a man and his God, politics is how you  are governed.
  4. Religion helps shape the life of an individual, politics affects groups of persons.

As you can see, it’s high time to separate religion from politics so that we can develop the state and develop a better future for our children.

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