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What These Tarabans Feel About Certain Non-Tarabans Will Shock You

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.(Henry Thoreau). Our Supreme Court gave us truth. To the 7 presiding Supreme Court Justices and the people who condemned the Taraba Tribunal judgment through media chats, articles in newspapers, tweets, blogs, online forums and social media updates; well meaning Tarabans wish to say a

                  ***BIG THANK YOU***

We got requests from thoughtful Tarabans to use our platform to publicly recognize and appreciate NON-TARABANS who have been sympathetic to Taraba issues, especially the Tribunal Judgment and the attempt to alter the people’s mandate. We have decided to do just that.

Concerned Tarabans wish to thank supporters, well wishers and sympathisers. The Judiciary has done us proud once again. It is clear that the Executive did not interfere.

Some of Those Who Outrightly Condemned the Tribunal Judgment Include:

  1. Mike Ozekhome (SAN). Granted Interview at AIT and pointed out loopholes that could be explored at the Appeal Court. Some of the errors he pointed out in the Tribunal judgment include
  • Tribunal was wrong in ordering a cerificate of return awarded to the APC candidate,
  • By the constitution, a fresh election should have been conducted.
  • By the constitution, INEC MAY or MAY not(OPTIONAL) witness a primary election done by a political party.
  1. Gov. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State:Such judicial rascality and conspiracy displayed in Taraba State must not be allowed to go unquestioned.”
  1. Lordbishop ‏@Aladewoye on Jan 7, through twitter : When the Taraba tribunal judgment was delivered and @atiku was rejoicing I sent him this excerpt. Please read and RT:

Section; 140 (3) of the constitution; “Where an election Tribunal or Court nullifies an election on the ground that the person who obtained the highest votes at the election was not qualified to contest  the election, or that the election was marred by substantial irregularities or non-compliance with the provisions of this Act, the election Tribunal or Court shall not declare the person with the second highest votes or any other person as duly elected, but shall order a fresh election”.

  1. Barrister Shuaib Alaran

    I have not had the opportunity of reading the tribunal’s judgment in full, but from the media reports, I think I will disagree with the consequential order of the tribunal that since the sitting Governor was not validly nominated by his party, the candidate who scored the second highest votes becomes the winner of the election. To my mind, I think the appropriate order of the tribunal should have been the one calling for a fresh election with the exclusion of the PDP. My reliance is on Section 140(2) and (3).

By virtue of those provisions, where the tribunal finds that a candidate who won in an election was not validly nominated by his party, the proper order is to direct the INEC to conduct a fresh election. The tribunal will only declare the person with the second highest votes winner, where it is established that the winner did not actually score the highest number of votes in the election.

It could however be argued anyway that since the sitting Governor did not participate in the election in the eyes of the law consequent upon his invalid nomination, he wouldn’t have been seen to have scored the highest number of votes in the election that he did not contest and therefore the proper order will be to declare the second highest scorer the winner. This is the beauty of interpretation in the legal profession. At any rate, we have to wait to hear from the higher courts for their own interpretation.

  1. Barrister Ugochukwu Osuagwu

    If the ground for the annulment is that he was not validly nominated, it should be a pre-election matter which the election tribunal has no jurisdiction over. The judgment must be wrong if that is the reason.
  1. Nwachukwu Oluchukwu – ‏@olunwachukwu on 1 Jan 2016, through twitter
    Our judiciary need to redeem their image. It is becoming ridiculous. How did Mama Taraba get judgment in the lower tribunal in the first place?
  2. Mazi Maximus – ‏@DeNigerian on 31 Dec 2015, through twitter
    How the Tribunal even came to proclaim mama Taraba the governor is beyond any reasoning known to law. Judgment was a travesty of justice.
  3. Sazzy P – ‏@PeterOzzy on 31 Dec 2015 through twitter
    I said it when it happened that the Taraba state Tribunal judgment was a shambles. Didn’t make no sense. That judge was a fraud.
  4. @Oddy4real
    The APC News outlets released the Taraba Tribunal Judgment before it was read. Same is playing out Re-Akpabio.

There are several other notable Nigerians who voiced out their minds. Since we cannot mention everyone, we’ve decided to do 3 things.

  1. Pray for you –  that whatever belongs to you will never be taken by anyone. It is a law of life that whatever you sow you shall reap.
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