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Sen. Aisha Alhassan Blackmails the Judiciary Once Again

A video credited to Sen. Aisha Alhassan, the APC gubernatorial candidate in Taraba state has gone viral on the internet. In the said video, Sen. Aisha, who addressed her supporters in Hausa language, alleged about her wealth and strong connections with the Judiciary.

Watch the Video Here: 

She stated how one of the Justices of the Court of Appeal had called her in advance to leak the Court of Appeal’s Judgment to her and urged her to go to the Supreme Court.

These statements coming from Sen. Aisha Alhassan are capable of heating up the polity unnecessarily apart from blackmailing the Judiciary.

This makes one wonder aloud:

  1. What concerns Sen. Aisha Alhassan, an APC member with the PDP primaries which is a domestic affair of PDP as decided by the Supreme Court in a plethora of cases?
  2. Why is Sen. Aisha Alhassan blackmailing the Judiciary?
  3. Who was the Court of Appeal Justice who leaked the Judgment of the  Court of Appeal to Sen. Aisha Alhassan?
  4. Is this not the height of corruption in our judicial system that ought to be investigated and the culprits brought to book?

Nobody is above the Law no matter how highly placed.

The people of Taraba state who voted massively for Arc. Darius Ishaku and Engr. Haruna Manu are already enjoying the restoration of peace across the state by the current administration, we the concerned Tarabans stand   the administration of  Arc. Darius Ishaku and Engr. Manu against any impunity and perversion of justice against Taraba people.ed. against impunity and perversion of Justice against Taraba people.

Tarabans are tired of bloodshed, crisis and we condemn statements capable of breaching the peace that is currently being enjoyed across the state. We want Nigerians and the general public to be aware of this uncalled statement and the move to tarnish the image of the judiciary.

Courtesy: Taraba Volunteer Group

Watch the Video Here:

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