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Bags of Dollars Leaving a Former V.P.’s House to Influence Justices Over Taraba Case?

Our Supreme Court Judges know better than that. Could it be true that a former V.P. is in a desperate move to bribe the Supreme Court Justices over Taraba case? Citizen’s confidence in the judicial system requires that judges, lawyers, court clerks, and others associated with the judiciary maintain the highest ethical standards.

This requires a variety of measures – from clearly stated rules on the conduct expected through ethics training to procedures for resolving complaints of unethical or improper behavior.

This so far has been proved by the judiciary in the recent cases of Benue, Abia, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Yobe and Zamfara against the decisions of either the Lower or the appellate court. This no doubt has awakened the confidence of the public that indeed the judiciary is the last hope of the common man.

With precedent layed so far and other cases in the past, a milestone has been laid in the Nigerian judiciary system that our nascent democracy can not be murdered or hijacked by desperate politicians who think they have the backing of the judiciary in their pocket to influence.

tarabadollarsIt is against this backdrop, we want to let the whole world know that the judiciary arm of government is sacrosanct in the execution of justice to the deserving regardless of their party affiliations and financial buoyancy in the society.

We the coalition of the Christians/Muslims youths condemn any sinister/devilish moves by some desperate politicians to unseat our amiable governor through the back door. We shall continue to give Governor Darius Ishaku’s administration the needed support to bring the desired development and lasting peace in our dear state Taraba.
We do not want further bloodshed as was experienced in the state after the widely ill-fated judgement of the tribunal.

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