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Taraba Tricycle Riders In Mass Protest

Tricycle riders within Jalingo metropolis barricaded the road leading to Jalingo Main Market, and as a result subjected other road users who ply the road to unwanted road jam.

The tricycle riders popularly known as Keke Napep came out en masse to block the road on the Taraba_Tricyclespretext that they had been invited by the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO), for discussion.

The invitation by the VIO is not unconnected with the manner in which the riders ply the road without caution.

Keke Napep which was meant to carry only three passengers now carry six passengers. Also, most of the tricycle riders do not have the basic knowledge of road usage as majority of them exhibit bad road usage.

Over-speeding on most major roads in the state capital is also another issue that was to be discussed on.

Commenting on the issue, a road user, Daniel Markus appealed to the State Regulatory Agency to fashion out modalities that will check the negative trend of tricycle riders in the state.

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