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The Emergence of New Kpanti Zing And The Challenges Before Him

By Felix Peter Vogarempi
Life is a struggle and a continual climb if you are to reach your goal. The road of life is rough and rugged, with many stones on the way.

Some months ago Mumuye people struggled against all odds to restore their cultural dignity though a lot of obstacles were on their way, and they never gave up.

Taraba MapAmidst heavy armed military men, mobile police intimidations, they showed courage and determined will to win, they stood their ground to actualize their dreams of choosing the person they wanted to be their new Kpanti Zing, and the Executive Governor of Taraba state confirmed their choice in person of Suleiman Ibrahim Sambo as the new Kpanti Zing.

Today the people will witness the official presentation of Staff of Office to the new Kpanti Zing.
Now that he possess the Kpanti’s power, the new Kpanti Zing should know that power and its exercise are precarious. In the hands of a wise person, power is a saving grace.

In the hands of a fool; power is a source of stress and tension.
To have entrusted him with this power, Mumuye people see him as the wise one, and under his reign, they hope to acquire nobility, even though they still suffer the consequences of the previous reign.

There is no easy way to freedom; there is always a price to pay, the price of the new Kpanti Zing are the challenges before him now; the expectations from his people and the world.

Expectations of Mumuye People

It was a matter of great sorrow for the Mumuye people that the blatant denial of their cultural development on the global level necessitated their uproar, which brought the new Kpanti to power, the new Kpanti should know that the Mumuye people are determined.
Your choice, Kpanti Suleiman Ibrahim Sambo by Mumuye people.
Mumuye people believe the new Kpanti is the builder of their future, the restorer of their culture, the developer and custodian of Mumuye traditions. Therefore, if your conduct as Kpanti Zing is determined by the external forces like northern emirs or emirate, then your reign will be empty, devoid of any achievement.

You will be merely an echo of history. Whatever you do, you must protect and uphold Mumuye culture and traditions.
Some key areas Mumuye people expect you to act with immediate effect is;

  • Restoration of Mumuye attires (Lantan dress) at the kpanti’s palace and zing generally,
  • Restoration of Mumuye language as the official language of the palace instead of Hausa language,
  • Renaming of your village head in Mumuye language instead of foreign language,
  • Restoration of Zingan (lion) statue in front of Kpanti’s palace,
  • Encourage the learning of Mumuye language from primary to higher institutions of learning and finally
  • Promote all Mumuye festival which serves as uniting agent.

General Expectations
The obligation to develop Mumuye land is not just an individual duty; it is a responsibility which obliges each and every person residing in Mumuye land, to develop Mumuye land.
The new Kpanti Zing must unite all his subjects.

There are clear indications that Zing people are divided, some based on religion, some based on political affiliations, some based on the uproar that brought the new Kpanti to power. Therefore, the new Kpanti should develop means of reconciliation among his people whether you were his supporter or not.
Again, the New Kpanti should shun showing dislike to his none supporters like some of his subjects because a tree cannot make a forest.
Mumuye alone cannot develop Zing. No one should be considered unattractive either in appearance or character. The fundamental human rights of persons are to be respected.
Subjects should be given freedom of religious worship. This is vital wherever freedom of religion is denied.

Finally, the real image of Kpanti Zing will lay in-between what admirers say and what critics say. Kpanti should be fair enough to treat subjects with dignity.

These are great challenges ahead of the new Kpanti Zing.

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