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Rescue Mission Succeeds in Kurmi Local Government Area Despite Challenges

By Steph Tony.

In 1973, the 39-year-old Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria shakes hands with Justin Trudeau, the toddler son of his Canadian counterpart.

Justin, now 43 and he is the new Prime Minister of Canada. Today in Nigeria, contemporaries of General Gowon are still jostling to be ministers in government, while those of Justin are still yelling ‘Sai Baba!’.

This can also be clearly seen in a remote area of Taraba state of Nigeria called Kurmi. When the history of Kurmi Local council, Taraba and indeed humanity as a whole will be chronicled, the vantage place of the respected known peace apostle and youth activist will be assured.

To this end, the born peace advocate proved why he distinguished himself by going off his career to painstakingly make strides in his fatherland.

In the history of Nigeria, no LGA Care Taker Chairman has ever made such strides. Within eight months Agya a Care Taker Committee chairman brought not only the Deputy Governor of his state to kurmi LGA but also Her Excellency Wife of the Executive Governor and most of all His Excellency the Executive Governor. When they visited they commissioned projects worth millions of naira. These projects include:

  • Renovation of Magistrate court.
  • Local Council Secretariat.
  • Chairman’s house.
  • Government lodge.
  • He constructed a bridge and many more.

We’re also not forgetting numerous awards he received among which is the most outstanding local council Chairman in Nigeria.

January 18th was yet another day when Kurmi Local Council attracted the attention of the world on yet another stride made by Agya, the council Boss who is also the ALGON Chairman Taraba state. He gave free medical care and surgery to people of Kurmi Local Government.

Surgeries ranging from Hyenia, glycoma, acute appendicitis, gouts and lots more were done, as professional doctors were in attendance, with drugs worth 2million naira ready for distribution, with about 400 patients on queue.

While speaking Hon. Stephen Agya said it is only God that gives power to he who he wants. The allegations that he is getting special funds from the governor is not true.

“l share the same allocations as other LGA chairmen and only use the little that is remaining after paying salaries to do good for my people which is what I was called for”. He added.

Agya also said he is ready to be sent anywhere at any time if his people so find him worthy to be.

Obviously, it was a thing of joy as both the old and young, men, women and youths were all putting on true smiles on their faces saying that God has finally heard their prayers by sending Agya to rescue them. We are also calling on everyone to come and support this young visionary man in turning Kurmi into a contemporary environment.

Hon. Agya debunked rumours that he was getting any special funds from the governor. He stated that his only source of funding was the little resources that he gets as allocation from the state government.

This is to support the rescue agenda of the governor and to serve his people who have bestowed confidence on him to lead them.

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