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Reasons you should Exercise Today

Honour your body and live long.

To preserve our own health is a moral and religious duty, for when we are ill our power to do good diminishes, here is A-Z guide to self-motivate and honour your body. But in our today’s edition we are only given you A-D.


Any physical activity done regularly will make you look better. In no time at all, you will look slimmer, trimmer, younger and fit.

B. Better

A workout is something that makes you better today than you were yesterday. It is a body strengthener, mind relaxer, spirit toughner and mood elevator.

  C. Convenient

Keep your activities convenient. Make your exercise convenient. Jog, walk, bike or have exercise equipment.

You can also join a gym close to work or home.

D. Depression

“Aerobic exercise is actually the best anti-depression.

I know” say famed medical Doctor and author Andrew Weil. “In addition to its many well-known effects on the body (exercise) increases production of endorphins, the brain’s own opiate-like molecules that are associated with some of our best natural highs”.

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Exercise today and keep fit.





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