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Press Conference on Taraba Appeal Judgement: Taraba Volunteer Group Again?

Taraba Volunteer Group Applauds The Court Of Appeal Judgment And Calls On A.P.C To Join Gov. Darius Ishaku To Develop Taraba State.

Gentlemen of the press, ladies and gentlemen, we the concerned citizens of Taraba State under the auspices of Taraba Volunteer Group have called this Press Conference to applaud the recent judgment of the Court of Appeal which restored the mandate given to Gov. Darius Dickson Ishaku by the electorates in Taraba State in the last general elections.

It will be recalled that the lower Tribunal in a widely condemned judgment had sacked Gov. Darius Ishaku from office on the sole ground that he did not emerge from a valid primaries of the PDP.

The judgment of the lower tribunal caused the loss of sacred lives and properties in Taraba State. The Judgment was seen as an attempt to foist the government of the minority on the majority which is against the basic tenets of democracy.

The Court of Appeal in a unanimous judgment set aside the tribunal judgment and restored Gov. Darius Ishaku’s mandate thus dismissing APC’s petition in toto.

In dismissing APC’s petition, the Court of appeal relied on facts pleaded in the petition by the petitioners that Gov. Darius is a PDP member and was sponsored by PDP thus satisfying the constitutional threshold as enshrined in Section 177 (C) of the 1999 constitution.

The Court of Appeal also relied on a Supreme Court decision of Daniel Vs. INEC decided in 2015 and Sections 85 and 87 of the Electoral Act and accordingly held that Sen. Aisha and APC lack the legal standing or capacity to challenge the nomination and sponsorship of Gov. Darius by PDP since Aisha and APC are not members of PDP.

The judgment of the Court of Appeal was received with resounding Joy in Taraba State and beyond.

Gentlemen of the Press by this Judgment, the Judiciary has once again proven itself to be the last hope of the common man.

The judgment have also stabilized the political tension in the state and restored peace and tranquillity. Unlike the lower tribunal judgment that caused loss of lives and properties, the Court of Appeal judgment did not raise any crisis or loss of lives and that alone shows the acceptability of the judgment by the general public.

The law is meant to ensure peace and sanctity in the society not crises.

Interestingly, on this all mighty issue of party primaries, the Supreme Court of Nigeria in a panel of Seven Justices last week in the Governorship case of Zamfara State dismissed the case of Alh. Shinkafi of PDP who was challenging the due nomination and sponsorship of Gov. Yari of APC by APC Party.

The Supreme Court described Alh. Shinkafi of PDP as a mere busy body person who lacks the legal capacity to challenge the nomination of Gov. Yari by his party. The Supreme Court said, party primaries are domestic or internal affairs of the party and no stranger/non-party member can intrude in them.

The Zamfara State Governorship case is in all fours with the Taraba State Governorship case.

We humbly call on APC to read the judgment of the Supreme Court in Shinkafi vs.Yari and accordingly eat humble pie. Taraba State is for all of us. APC should be bold and humble enough to join hands with Gov. Darius to take the state forward.

Politics is over, now is the time to work and secure the future of the Youths of this dear State.

God bless.

Dated in Jalingo this 13th day of January 2016.


  • Barr. Nierus Johnson
  • Engr. Terrence Joseph
  • Barr. Dickens Shintema
  • Engr. Charlse Nyaganji
  • Mariam Idris
  • Com. Alex Peter
  • Vera Edward
  • Umar Aminu Salihu
  • Rashida Hassan
  • Raph Seka

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