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Why Sen. Aisha Alhassan Cannot Succeed in the Supreme Court

Submitted By N. Johnson Esq.

Sen. Aisha Alhassan is a member of APC. She is challenging the nomination and sponsorship of Gov. Darius Dickson Ishaku by PDP as its candidate in the last Governorship election in Taraba State.

The Supreme Court in the Zamfara State governorship case dismissed the appeal by the PDP candidate in Zamfara Alh. Shinkafi who was challenging the nomination and sponsorship of Gov. Abdulaziz Yari of APC. The Supreme Court described the PDP candidate as a “busy body” who lacks the locus standi to challenge the nomination and sponsorship of Gov. Yari by APC since Shinkafi was not an APC member.

The million dollar questions are:

  1. What is Sen. Aisha’s fate in the Supreme Court?
  2. Is Sen. Aisha a member of PDP?
  3. Does she have the locus standi to challenge the nomination and sponsorship of Gov. Darius by PDP?
  4. Can Sen. Aisha change the settled position of the law as decided by the supreme court in

Shinkafi Vs Yari,

Daniel vs INEC (2015) 9NWLR (pt.1463) 113 at 115 and

Dalhatu Vs Turaki (2003) 15 NWLRC (pt843)310?

In a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court delivered by Inyang Okoro JSC, he held, “it is crystal clear that this appeal is devoid of any scintilla of merit and is accordingly dismissed”.

He justified the judgment on the following grounds:-

Evidence on record shows that the appellants were not aspirants who participated at the primary election of APC.

Their complaint before this court is a challenge to the selection or nomination of the 1st respondent by his party (APC). The truth is that apart from the fact that the appellants were not among the permitted by section 87(9) of the Electoral Act to challenge the nomination or selection of a candidate for election, they failed to approach the APPROPRIATE court which is Federal High Court of the  FCT certainly, an election Tribunal is not mentioned in section 87(9) of Electoral Act.

Nkannu Onnoghen JSC also stated in the judgment thus:

“It is settled law that the issue of nomination of a candidate by a political party for any election is within the exclusive preserve of the political parties and that the courts have no jurisdiction to interfere therein as decided in a number of cases including:

  • Onuoha vs. Okafor,
  • Uzodinma vs. Osita,
  • INEC vs. Daniel,
  • Gwede vs.INEC,
  • Ugwu vs. PDP e.t.c”

Sen. Aisha herself in her petition admitted in her paragraphs 3 and 4 that Gov. Darius is a member of PDP and that PDP nominated and sponsored Gov. Darius for the election.

Why is Sen. Aisha now trying to interfere into the domestic or internal affairs of PDP when she is not a member of PDP?

Let her read the Supreme Court judgments and know that her appeal will collapse on arrival to the Supreme Court because the law is settled for all to see even the blind.

Sen. Aisha Alhassan is a much BUSY BODY in Taraba state like Alh. Shinkafi of Zamfara state.




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  1. She should be properly guided and advised not to waste her time and resources cos the case is not one that the Supreme court will waste time to deliberate on.

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