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Senator Aisha Alhassan: Questions Begging for Answers

Ever since Senator Aisha clinched the governorship ticket of the APC, her name has been awash in the media. This has made many people want to know the woman who can defeat men to become the first elected female Governor of Nigeria.

People like me would not only want to observe, but I have decided to do my research to know who Senator Aisha is. Despite her impressive biography, there are still some questions begging for answers. I will be happy if people who know Aisha could throw more light on these issues.

  1. Which Local Government is her family from?

Her blood brother of the same parents Senator Abdulazeez Abubakar Ibrahim was a Senator, who represented Taraba Central constituency of Taraba State from 1999 to 2007. She was a Senator from June 2011 to April 2015 that represented Taraba North Constituency. Two siblings from different Senatorial zones? How come?

  1. Did she or her Close Associates Vote for APC?

Was there any evidence that she voted for Buhari (APC Presidential Election) in the 2015 election or herself (APC Governorship Election)? If there was, can someone post the picture for all to see? I have seen that of Gov. Darius and other governors…but I have not seen that of Sen. Aisha.

  1. Was she ever sympathetic of those who lost their lives in Wukari?

As a mother fondly called “Mama Taraba”, did she ever say sorry for the loss of lives and property that ensued after she was declared the winner by the tribunal ruling? Are the lives of people who died because of her ambition not worthy of recognition? I wish more people could stand and say their “ambition” is not worth the blood of any single Nigerian like Ex. Pres. Jonathan.

  1. Must she become a governor at the first trial?

I know several people who had contested governorship elections in several states, several times and failed. They left the race honorably after defeat. This made such contestants gain the respect of their peers. That is team spirit. In her case, this is her first trial.

After the 2015 April elections, she cried foul, and the election was declared inconclusive. After the second re-run, Gov. Ishaku defeated her by about 100,000 votes. She took the case to Tribunal, which finally ended up in the appeal.

I know millions of naira from both sides (Alhassan and Ishaku) have gone down the drain as a result of her governorship dream, not to talk of a waste of human and time resources.

PDP and APC supporters who have been throwing words at one another could have used their energies for better things. What a waste.

  1. Which Justice is she looking for?

President Buhari did his best by appointing her as a Minister of Women Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Was that not enough to satisfy her; since so many qualified people who were vying for the same position could not get it? Senator Aisha Jummai Alhassan said that her nomination as a minister by President Muhammadu Buhari would not stop her pursuit of justice. Which justice again after two failed attempts at the same election?

  1. Does she have a hidden agenda by wanting to be a governor at all cost?

Why did she want to use the court to get the victory? Was it because of her legal backgrounds? I understand she was the first female to be appointed Taraba State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice. The first woman to be appointed as Secretary FCT judicial council and later appointed the Chief Registrar of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The first elected female senator from Taraba State. With all these firsts to her name did she want to be a governor because she wished to add another first to her name, or because she had another hidden agenda?

  1. In political race; most contestants work with their spouses. What about her spouse?

I’ve read of her first husband (Prof. Ango Ibrahim – Former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria and her second husband (Engr. M. S. Alhassan). I know our Nigerian society has serious respect for married women.

When a woman is not together with the husband or working alongside her husband, there is always side talk and a big question mark. Am just being curious as to how a woman who is not working together with the husband can lead a diverse group of people as Taraba? She is a public figure, and public scrutiny should be expected.

Nevertheless, I reserve the other questions for next time.

I would be euphoric if some of these issues can be answered to clear my doubts if I were wrong. I compiled these by searching the internet. Maybe I did not get some things straight. Close associates who know her can chip in and remove our doubts. We will be grateful. This will also help our leaders know that they are being watched.

Responses are welcome.

Compiled and Submitted By Mr. Peter Njamali (Lagos).


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