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11 Effects of Insecurity in Society

Eleven Effects of Insecurity in the Society

Insecurity can cause all sorts of issues for individuals that ultimately impact the whole of the society. Not only does insecurity and the lack of self-confidence make a person feel uncomfortable within themselves, but it impacts their level of success and happiness. People who are insecure can also cause issues for others. Consider some of the consequences of insecurity in modern society.

  1. Lack of Happiness

lack of happinesThere are many people who allow the presence of insecurity to rob them of their happiness. If you feel bad about any part of yourself, those feelings can easily flow into other areas of your life. Those who do not feel that they are good enough in any way are prone to being unhappy about their circumstances and life in general.

  1. Jealousy and Envy Abound

In a society where many people are insecure, one can notice tons of people negatively who are jealous and envious of one another. The deeper the insecurity or disadvantage, the more likely the person is to develop negative feelings toward anyone who appears not to have the same issue.

Envying others because they have more than we have becoming commonplace, but these emotions can create both real stress and phantom health issues.

  1. Obsession with Social Media

Obsession with social mediaModern society is developing an unhealthy obsession with social media, and the monster chief causes in building insecurity.Unfortunately, much of the information that people post online provides a warped view of what reality is, but people still feel insecure after viewing the content on the social media pages and profiles of others.As our lives continue to become more socially integrated online, more people will develop self-confidence issues as they compare themselves to others.

  1. Increase in Competitiveness

Some people who suffer from deep insecurities strive to overachieve to compensate for the lack of self-confidence that they have. These can have a positive effect when enough people in society use their insecurities as fuel to do better in life. However, those who want to complete with other to prove themselves spend to attain coveted possessions, causing extreme financial debt.

  1. Obsession with Personal Appearance

Without a doubt,   nearly every person in society is insecure about some part of themselves, but the youth, in general, is more impacted than other age groups.The media portrays dictates in every country what the ideal man or woman should be, and citizens who feel that they cannot meet those parameters can develop insecurity and self-hatred.Society and cultures all over the world also place judgement (something that cannot usually change), and this can heavily contribute to personal insecurities about one’s appearance.

  1. Mental Issues and Anxiety

mental issues and anxietyPeople who are insecure about themselves and lack the confidence of suffering from mental issues and disturbances. There are more people alive than ever who suffer from nervous conditions and depression. Recent psychological studies indicate that the diagnosis of mental health issues among the general population is on the rise. Long-standing insecurity can spark depression and other nervous disorders. Severe insecurity can even make one feel unsafe at night, causing the victim to suffer from sleep disorders.

  1. Greater Social Withdrawal

Greater Social withdrawalSome people who are very insecure about themselves do not want to be around other people. Strong insecurities of any kind can cause a person to withdraw socially from others out of fear of rejection or exposure of their faults. As a result, this fear can prevent the person from forming, normal, healthy relationships with others.

  1. Higher Level of Aggression and Criminal Activity

Aggression and criminal activity often increase in communities when many people are unsure of themselves. People who want more and feel that they want to rob, steal and cheat to get ahead. Other people may even bully, fight or argue with other people to make themselves feel more important than others.

  1. Irrational Behavior

When one feels insecure about themselves for any reason, they are more likely to exhibit irrational behavior. Harboring a general bad feeling about oneself can affect the quality of your work and private life, even if it is only for a short period. Insecurity can also cause some people to act out of the ordinary, and it can negatively impact their reputation or ability to engage with others.

  1. Generational Insecurity Issues

When people in one’s household suffer from insecurities, they can cause other around them to focus more on their flaws and character faults too. If your parents lacked self-confidence, chances are you will learn new behaviours to reprogram yourself with confidence.

  1. Preventing Progression of Society and Its Members

The effects of insecurity on society run far deeper than most people realize. When insecurities outweigh one’s self-confidence, it prevents the person from believing in themselves and striving for greatness that makes changes.

When tons of people never live up to their potential, the world never receives the unique gifts that each can offer.The negative ripple effect of insecurity on society leaves the world with less of the creators, heroes, and geniuses it should have.

Although insecurity can inspire some people to do well, many more people are negatively affected by the emotion.Facing insecurity head on and addressing the causes of personal insecurity can help anyone to overcome it.When perceived flaws are placed in a proper perspective, it becomes easier to build self-confidence. When insecurity is overcome, all of the society will reap the advantages.




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