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President Buhari’s Unconstitutional Statement in Addressing Sen. Aisha Alhassan as “Her Excellency”

The Taraba State Governorship election petition tribunal had given its judgment in an election that was strongly contested particularly between the PDP and APC candidates.
In our constitution and electoral laws, an aggrieved party has a period of 21 days to appeal against a decision of the tribunal.

Under the constitution and electoral law, you cannot start executing judgement when the constitutional or legal time of your opponent to appeal against the judgement has not expired or elapsed.

Curiously and very worrisome, few days after the tribunal judgement in Abuja, President Buhari addressed the APC candidate as “Her Excellency” during the ministerial inauguration. The following legal questions readily come to mind:

  1. What was President Buhari’s legal basis to address Sen. Aisha as her Excellency when she had not taken the oath of office?
  2. Did President Buhari by his statement intend to usurp Governor Darius’ constitutional right of appeal?
  3. Did the President intend a situation where Taraba will have two Governors?

This is so because Governor Darius legally remains the Governor of Taraba State as he exercises his constitutional right of appeal.

Some of us are worried because such a sensitive statement from the president is capable of inciting tension and heating up the polity unnecessarily in Taraba State.

Nigeria already has a lot of challenges to contend with, it will be unfair to the good people of Taraba state to incite more tension in the state by such statement from Mr. President. This is because Taraba has passed through serious security challenges in the past. Thank God, the current administration of Governor Darius Ishaku is working round the clock to restore peace across the state.

The internally displaced people are returning to their homes. Local and foreign investors are coming to take advantage of the huge Agricultural potential of the state. Democracy is truly taking shape in Taraba State.

B. Johnson ESQ

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  1. That a giant step by our Governor. More of it Your Excellency

  2. Going through this article it is so unfortunate that such a pronouncement was made by the number one man of the country.

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