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“Buhari and Her Excellency: A Faux Pas or A Freudian – Slip”

During an inauguration of event of the Ministers in Abuja, President Mohammadu Buhari addressed Senator Aisha Jummai Alhassan as “Her Excellency”. It would be recalled that senator Aisha Alhassan was recently declared Governor of Taraba State in the most controversial ruling ever known to the history of our electoral jurisprudence.

However, notwithstanding this misplaced judgement Governor Dickson Darius undoubtedly remains the Governor of Taraba State pending the outcome of appeal court. This being said, for the President to address Senator Aisha Alhassan as a Governor while there is an incumbent, legitimate and a constitutional Governor in the Taraba State; this leaves much to be desired.

Well, could this be the President in his characteristic faux pas which he is notorious of both locally and internationally or a Freudian-slip which escaped off guard?

If it is the former, the President would be excused with a caveat to stop embarrassing Nigeria, but if the later is the case then this arguably leads credence to the rumours making rounds that this APC Government have an agenda through the stage managed tribunals of Abuja to strip the PDP Governors of their mandate.

A food for thought


James Umaru, writes from Kaduna


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