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Atiku and Sen. Aisha: Some Pertinent Questions

I have been quietly observing political events as there unfold in Taraba State.
At this point, I am compelled to ask some pertinent questions in the general interest of Taraba State people bearing in mind the warning from a philosopher called Franz Fanon who warns against sitting on the fence in great moments like this.

To start with, Sen. Aisha Alhassan, the APC governorship candidate never even voted for herself or President Buhari in the last general election. There was nowhere she was seen, snapped or televised casting her votes as a way of encouraging her supporters to vote for her or for Mr President.

Does this not clearly show that senator Aisha is not even convinced in her capacity to govern Taraba State?

I am not surprised that she never voted for President Buhari because her dislike for the candidature of President Buhari did not just start now. Don’t forget that Senator Aisha during the APC Presidential primaries openly campaigned against Buhari in favour of Atiku Abubakar whom she voted for.

No wonder, Atiku Abubakar an indigene of Adamawa State came to interrupt the democratic process in Taraba state during the last general election where the good people of Taraba State were coming together to decide who becomes their leader.

One wonders aloud why Buhari appointed someone who openly showed her dislike and lack of confidence in him as a minister?

Or is this part of the APC change agenda?

Still on Sen. Aisha and Atiku, after the tribunal judgement in Abuja that caused lost of lives and properties in Taraba state, Sen. Aisha came out to thank Atiku Abubakar on the air. Some of us are lost, wondering and are compelled to ask the following questions:

  • Why was she thanking Atiku Abubakar after the judgement?
    What role did Atiku Abubakar play in the judgement?
    Is Atiku Abubakar her political Godfather?
    What is Atiku’s interest in Taraba state?
    Is Atiku Abubakar from Taraba State?
    Did Atiku Abubakar assist her to get the judgement?

Well, I am just a layman and some of us are forced to ask these questions more so that this same Atiku Abubakar had tried to interfere in the Taraba general elections but failed.
In a democracy, the wishes of the majority are supreme and must be respected. If the majority of Taraba people have said through the ballot that Darius is their Governor, so be it. It’s their wishes and it must be respected.

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