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Open Letter by Abubakar Habu Sani

Your Excellency,

The Executive Governor,

Taraba State.

The Speaker,

Taraba State,

House of Assembly.

The Chief Judge,

Taraba State.

The PDP Chairman,

Taraba State.


The President,

Customary Court of Appeal, Taraba State.

The Grand Khadi, Taraba State.

28th July, 2015.




Your Excellency,

Secretaries and their contemporaries in particular and all retirees in general express our profound gratitude to Your Excellency’s exalted personality and above all the Governance of His Excellency Architect Darius D. Ishaku the Executive Governor of Taraba State.

It is most imperative for me on behalf of Retired Permanent Your Excellency, this open letter is an update of the one I wrote some years back on the prevailed Gubernatorial imbroglio as per the Governance of the State consequent of the plane crash that occurred on 25th Oct, 2012, involving the then Chief Executive Governor, Pharmacist Danbaba Danfulani Suntai.

This led to a seeming vacuum that transgressed to political haranguing. Accordingly, I wrote the letter to express appreciation and suggest deviation from such diabolical distraction and transgression.

Thus I suggested positive ways of forging ahead for the economic, socio-political and administrative advancement of the state. Much has passed under the bridge as we are grateful for this new dawn of Your Excellency’s ascendancy.

Indeed much of the recommendations made are very much in the offing as per the inception and perception of the current National Government.

Your Excellency as an insider, I am in position and obliged to appraise the socio-political transformation of Taraba State from inception to date. The State comprises of three Geo-political entities of Wukari Federation, Sardauna Trust territory and Muri Emirate with up to 25 ethnic diversification and 15 affiliates.

Indeed the state along with those of Adamawa, Plateau, Kaduna, Nasarawa and Gombe constitute more than half of the 250 ethnic conglomeration of Nigeria. When created in 1991, Navy Captain Ambrose Afolahan was assigned the Chief Executive for the take-off and the three months sojourn saw to the firm establishment of a united Taraba state.

The most Reverend Jolly T. Nyame as the first civilian Governor so elected with a return call transformed Taraba on infrastructural development. The Jolly Nyame Stadium, the Specialist Hospital, Jalingo Motel, the Kaduna and Abuja Liaison Offices, the TSBS & TTV, The Jalingo Airport and the elaborate market structure at Kpanti Napu, Jalingo. Incidentally, the Governor and his Deputy the most gentle father Dr. Danjuma Gani both belong to the same religious haranguing;

However, the seed of today’s diabolism was sown when the gimmicks of political intrigues was applied on the most Reverend Jolly T. Nyame towards religious disharmony and dichotomy. Today, it is obvious the most Reverend is pained as I heard His Excellency Jolly T. Nyame lamenting the issue of pursuing Ethno/religious element in the politics of the state.

Colonel Yohanna M. Dickson came to the state from the Liberian war front. He acted the fundamentals of peaceful co-existence in Taraba State as he embraced and transformed all in a united and stable Taraba State.

The Barrister Police Commissioner, His Excellency Edore Oyakhire came in as security was fully established in Taraba as all Tarabans slept with both eyes closed and their doors open. His Excellency was the Govenor who treated all files minuted to him as he bequeathed the legacy of a unified Taraba.

Colonel Aina Joseph Owoniyi the man of God administered Taraba in the Godliest manner. His initial insignia are the two places of worship with mosque at the western main entry and the church at the eastern gate of Government House.

Government work commenced with morning devotion in the Governor’s office. Those who sow the seed of fraternity in the state seized the opportunity, abused the noble gesture and germinated the seed of discontentment and actualized their opportunistic prospect of aggrandizement by falsely implying the name of God for the sole purpose of dipping their hands into Government coffers to draw the lean resources of the state into their purse.

The tendency hijacked the genuine commitment of His Excellency Governor Danbaba Suntai’s achievements in the state. These include the new University, the Jalingo township road network, the renovation of government offices, the acquisition of official vehicles for all public office holders and the settlement of various entitlements including that of Jolly Nyame stadium which were monumental accomplishments.

Today with Your Excellency’s ascendancy we are most grateful for this divine intervention that steered Taraba state away from the tragedy of Guyana. For now Your Excellency may wish to pursue the following state matters and policies which Isubmitted some two years back and are very much current and inline.


Your Excellency the Radio/Television services were established at the onset of the state. However, the two media stations are the partial coverage and not state wide. The stations have booster stations at Bali, Wukari and Gembu.

Over the years concerted efforts have been for state wide coverage. Your Excellency may wish to harmonize the Radio/Television facilities within Jalingo metropolis with the elaborate substations so mentioned for at least regional coverage.


Your Excellency ought to pursue the construction/completion of the road from Mararraba to Baissa on to Abong and the abandoned road from Abong up to the Mambilla Plateau at Nguroje. Due to the fact that the state roads fall under the Federal Government, I am aware of the fact that the state facilitated the network with the understanding that the Federal Government will reimburse accordingly.

The state should also endeavor to ascertain the accomplishment of the road network.


(i) HYDRO ELECTRICITY:- Your Excellency to consider the Mambilla Plateau “The Natures Gift to the Nation” and pursue the National Hydro-Electric project.

As power has been privatized, the Niger Delta Power Development Authority is in full force. Your Excellency may link up with the Japanese and Chinese Developmental Programmes in Nigeria (Africa) through the Federal Government to accomplish the Mambilla Hydro-Electricity Project.

Also to consult the Bauchi State Government which is presently set to generate power for the state.


Your Excellency the Mambilla High Altitude Training programme is a national project sited on the Mambilla Plateau of Taraba State. Your Excellency should pursue the Federal Government through the National Sports Commission and Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to enhance the elaborate accommodation infrastructure that is already on ground and provide the much needed national training facilities on the vast allocated land temptingly lying fallow.

(iii) THE CATERING REST HOUSE: Your Excellency is aware of the tourist potentials of the Mambilla Plateau. It is therefore paramount the modern adequate accommodation be provided. There is a site of dilapidated state catering rest House where modern elaborate five star infrastructures ought to be established.

Relevant private establishments that are very much willing to come for partnership do abound and should be brought in most urgently.


VALLEY: Your Excellency, land issues on the Mambilla Plateau should be fully considered. There are specific vast layouts belonging to prominent Nigerians and left fallow- Your Excellency should most passionately plead with the four personalities to develop the land either for Agricultural Production or Industrial Entrepreneurship.

The other aspect is the salt deposit of Bomanda-Akwana axis of Karim- Lamido, Ibbi and Wukari Local Govemment Areas which has remained untapped for years.

(v) SPRUNG WATER AND DAIRY PRODUCTION: The spring water production by a prominent Nigerian seem to be on hold. The State Government should partner with the personality and extend the source of water to the top of the plateau by acquiring and utilizing the infrastructure on the step of the plateau at Mayo Selbe belonging to the former National Party Chairman Alhaji Bamanga Tukur as the site of production. Also the cattle population on the plateau should solely concentrate on dairy production sustainability.

(vi) THE NATURAL RESOURCES OF THE STATE: Your Excellency may wish to consider the prospect of Natural Resources of timber and palm tree production and cocoa farming along Kurmi-Gashaka-Mambilla axis. Also the valleys and plains of Benue, Taraba and Donga River Basins form the best land mass for full-scale production of rice. Presently, these are being considered by the state government on a lower scale production. All the local government authorities of the state are to be fully involved and committed to Agriculture.

(vii) FRUIT PROCESSING OF WUKARI-DONGA-TAKUM-BAISSA-AXIS: Your Excellency the guinea savannah vegetation of the Wukari-Takum Donga-Baissa-Axis is a unique flora as varieties of fruits do abound and not tapped. It is obvious that fruit processing industry is long overdue. The full-scale involvement of the state government will definitely facilitate the realization of the above mentioned developmental project.

Above all, this and the other activities enumerated above will go a long way In mobilizing and empowering the stranded, hamstrung, exuberant and restless teeming youths of the state. It will also enhance the economic viability and emancipation for the much needed self-reliance of deprived Taraba that presently solely rely and depend on the federal allocation.

D. THE FACTS OF THE MATTER: Your Excellency it is obvious that all the developmental initiatives enumerated have not been provided for in the 2015 budget.

As government is a continuous process, it is therefore most appropriate to include in the 2016 budget proposals. All the listed natural resources do abound in the state and should be harnessed and tapped most appropriately by the prominent personalities mentioned above.

The four prominent personalities and international organizations include:-

(i) General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

As the former President provided in Niger state, we pray for the utilization of the land on the Plateau for full — scale agricultural mechanization and dairy production.

(ii) AlhajiAtiku Abubakar

His Excellency, the former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a bona fide indigene as Taraba is home away from home. We pray that as he accomplished in Adamawa state, the vice president should do the same for his second home on the Mambilla Plateau.

(iii) General TheophilusYakubu Danjuma

Your Excellency General T.Y. Danjuma should lead the government delegation to the Presidency for actualization of the Mambilla Hydro Electricity and High Altitude Training Facility on the Mambilla Plateau.

Above all, the General (the Abonta) should be made to utilize the T.Y. Foundation for Wukari Federation (Wukari-Ibi-Takum-Donga-Ussa axis) with full scale fruit production for the much needed unification bond of kwararrafa.

(iv) Alhaji Aliko Dangote

Your Excellency, Alhaji Dangote is already in Taraba and the Benue plains where he is more than keen to establish sugar industry. Dangote should combine the salt prospects ofBomanda-Akwan and is a must in Taraba state, (vis- a-vis on the Mambilla Plateau).

(v) Alhaji Mohammed Aji

The former Minister of Finance in Cameroun to utilize the vast land on the Plateau for mass Dairy Production which presently is being done on low scale. The Minister could be allowed to engage in full scale production and pursue the prospect of cattle rearing from Europe and South America on the Plateau.

(vi) The Kpantí Napu International Market

The state government should expand the market and utilize the infrastructure for international market with the four Northern Province of Cameroun.

The state government should establish socio-cultural link with our political neighbors of the provinces of North-Eastern Cameroun for the full establishment of an International Market at Kpanti Napu, Jalingo.

Considering the moderate format of Tariff by France on Francophone Africa, the community/mass oriented products from France on Cameroun will be well received to turn Kpanti Napu market into a central market for Nigerian States. The four routes from Banyo-Kan Iyaka-Mayo Ndaga; from Mayo Darle-Dorofi-Gembu; from Ndop Tamnya Bang three corners Mbamnga-Gembu and from Nkambe-Abonshe-Abong-Baissa all lead to Jalingo and should be opened up accordingly for commercial enterprise.

Your Excellency, this is submitted to pre-occupy the mind and go all out in the pursuance of the listed commitments to steer away from all frivolous distractions and animosity being intended. Above all, this will put Taraba state on sound economic footing and stability


Your Excellency the present dispensation of Taraba State is most challenging and thought provoking that require the absolute resolve of the people.

Thus the need for immediate commencement of the thank you and reconnaissance tour of the 16 local government areas of the state within the 100 days of the government of His Excellency Architect Darius D. Ishaku accordingly please. As Taraba is a civil service state indeed the entire populace of retirees are one hundred percent (100%) supportive of government initiative and commitment.

Long live His Excellency Architect Darius D. Ishaku, long live His Excellency Alhaji Haruna Manu, and long live the People of Taraba State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thank you.

Abubakar Habu Sani

Retired Permanent Secretary

For All Retirees of Taraba State.

Copy to:

The Commissioner of P0lice,

Taraba State.

The Directorate of Secret Service.

Taraba State.

The Secretary to the State Government (SSG)

Taraba State.

The Head of Service,

Taraba State.

The Clerk of the House,

Taraba State House of Assembly.

The Chief Press Secretary

To His Excellency,

The Executive Governor.

The Chief Press Secretary

To His Excellency

The Deputy Governor,

Abubakar Habu Sani

Retired Permanent Secretary

For all Retirees of Taraba State.


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